Excerpts from Poem of the Man-God, Volume 3

Volume 3

Volume 3

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Nota Bene: All excerpts on this website were taken from Poem of the Man God, volumes 1 through 5. Poem was produced by Maria Valtorta between the years of 1943, and 1947. The original work is in Italian, and it has since been published in 10 languages, and contains over 15,000 handwritten pages.

Please note that there are many missing chapters in the Valtorta volumes contained on this website. If you would like to read the chapters you're missing, consider visiting Archive.org. All 5 volumes of the original English edition are available there for your cost-free perusal. They can also be downloaded from there in various formats.

If you'd like to buy the volumes in hard copy, almost all of the major secular booksellers carry them, both online, and in brick & mortar stores.

Websites which offer more than just the basics include Valtorta Publishing, and MariaValtorta.com, which offers a huge list of distributors worldwide. They also have the entire set, plus the Notebooks, in electronic format at a reasonable price.

Basic Info:

The first English edition was called Poem of the Man-God, and was sold in a 5 volume set. The new edition is called "The Gospel as Revealed to Me", and is sold in a 10 volume set. The three Notebooks are sold in separate volumes:

Volume 1: The Notebooks 1943,
Volume 2: The Notebooks 1944,
Volume 3: The Notebooks 1945-1950.

Other books relating to these works: (Note that they can all be purchased from more places than the examples I've provided.)

The Book of Azariah - dictations from her guardian angel

Lessons on the Book of Romans - Written by Maria Valtorta during the years 1948-1950

Maria Valtorta Autobiography

Prayers - I had the joy of translating this book from French to English. Deo Gratias!

The Diary of Jesus, by Jean Aulagnier (excellent read!)

The works of Maria Valtorta The Virgin Mary in the writtings of Maria Valtorta, by Fr. Gabriel M. Roschini O.S.M.

Mary Magdalene

The 20 mysteries of the Rosary

Selected Parables - Including many not cited in the Bible

Padre Pio and Maria Valtorta

Valtorta and Ferri - Illustrations by Lorenzo Ferri, in collaboration with Maria Valtorta.

The Holy Shroud - and the visions of Maria Valtorta

This list is not exhaustive. There are also a great number of guides, commentaries, timelines, etc., many of which can be found at Valtorta.org, Australia.

  • Valtorta Daily Meditation

    When you say, ‘Father, not for me, but for the good which so many brothers can receive from it, so that this good may increase your glory,’ then you touch perfect prayer. That of the creature who adheres to his God so closely that he fuses with Him and has the same desires as He: the good, the sanctification, and the glory of men to give glory to the Lord.
    Book of Azaria, June 2nd, 1946
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